Volunteers Make It All Possible

  • When you hear the phrase "Redwood Elementary", it doesn't only encompass students, teachers and staff; it includes you as parents, families and volunteers. We invite you to be a part of everyday life at here at Redwood Elementary School. Involved parents and volunteers are a very special resource and we encourage you to help in classrooms and attend school programs, extra-curricular activities, and field trips. As you participate, you become acquainted with staff, students and daily activities, forming a stronger unity as a school family.

    Redwood is a better place because of the committed families we have the privilege of working with.

    Along with being classroom helpers and chaperones, the following are activities that require volunteers to be successful:

    • Fall Carnival
    • Battle of the Books
    • Book Fair
    • Vision Screening
    • Picture Days
    • Run/Walk
    • Redwood Community Family Fair
    • End of the Year Play Day
    • Class Field Trips
    • 5th Grade Graduation

    Redwood Community Family Fair




    How Do I Become a Volunteer?

    The policy to becoming a volunteer in any District 7 school requires you to first read the District Volunteer Handbook, then complete the District Volunteer Application, also available in the office. Upon clearance of a background check and after completion of required trainings, you will be placed on a list of available volunteers. Chaperones on field trips are considered volunteers and must also follow this process. Volunteers returning to the service of our district are required to participate in annual training regarding confidentiality, child abuse and sexual misconduct reporting. Training information is located on the district website under Parent/Community Resources.

    We welcome any help you are able to offer and the students love it, too!