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    Important Information 2018-2019

    We are pleased to announce Grants Pass School District Board met on Tuesday, May 22nd and approved the below open slots for the 2018-19 school year. 

    Kindergarten - TBD
    Grade 1 - 3 openings
    Grade 2 - 14 openings
    Grade 3 - 9 openings
    Grade 4 - 12 openings
    Grade 5 - 11 openings
    Grade 6 - 7 openings
    Grade 7 - 3 openings
    Grade 8 - 6 openings
    Grade 9 - 23 openings
    Grade 10 - 10 openings
    Grade 11 - 3 openings
    Grade 12 - 3  openings

    Beginning Tuesday, May 29th, we will begin accepting Interdistrict Transfer forms.  Applications are available below and in the Grants Pass School District 7 District Office at 725 NE Dean Drive, Grants Pass, OR 97526.  Applications will not be available at schools. 

    To transfer from Three Rivers District to Grants Pass School District 7 please fill out the form below:

    Click here for Grants Pass School District 7 Interdistrict Application

    Click here for Three Rivers Release Form

    To transfer from Grants Pass School District 7 to Three Rivers District, please fill out the forms below:

    Click here for Grants Pass School District 7 Release Form

    Click here for Three Rivers Interdistrict Application

    In order to be eligible for any open slot, applications must be received by the District between May 29th and June 29th.

    You will be notified by mail around the middle of July whether or not your application for an open slot was accepted.

    Kindergarten spots will be decided in September.  Please fill out and turn in the tranfer application forms by the deadline of June 29th, but you will need to enroll in your resident district as well.

    For In District requests (school to school within Grants Pass School District 7), please contact your boundry school.

    Contact Irene Amble at 541-474-5700 or if you have any questions.