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    Parental Rights Booklets
    The Procedural Safeguards Notice, booklets outlining parental rights, are available from Grants Pass School District or the Oregon Department of Education. The booklets are available in a variety of languages, available by clicking the link below. Should you have questions, please contact the Special Services Department.

    K-21 Procedural Safeguards for SPED, Grades K-21:

    Parent Information

    Creating an individualized strength-based tool for your child can be a great way for parents to participate in the IEP process. Below is a one page profile that introduces your child at school and in their community. 

    FACT Oregon-Empowering families experiencing disability. 

    Special Education Report Card:
    Under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA 2004), school districts must take responsibility for ensuring that Special Education Report Cards reach the parents of all children with IEPs.

    Current GPSD7 Special Education Report Card:

    Paper copies of the special education report card are also available at our district office and all school offices.

    Physical Restraint and Seclusion Annual Report
    Under Oregon Administrative Rule ORS.326.051, school districts must prepare an annual report detailing the use of physical restraint and seclusion for the preceding year. Parents and guardians of students shall be advised at least once each school year about how to access the report. The required notification appears in our school newsletters and is also available at our school and district offices. For additional information, please contact the Special Services Department or refer to the Oregon Department of Education.

    The GPSD annual report for the preceding year is available at any time. To request a copy of the report, please contact us by clicking on this link. Be sure to put "Physical Restraint and Seclusion Report" in your subject line.