Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Bigelow





Course Description:This course includes instruction, practice and assessment in a variety of individual and team sports. The emphasis throughout the course is for students to gain the skills and knowledge in various activities to promote a commitment to life-long fitness.

ATTITUDE AND EFFORT are everything in my class!

ABILITY is what you are capable of doing.  MOTIVATION determines what you do.  ATTITUDE determines how well you do it.

Remember.....It's not who you are that holds you back, it's who you think you're not. 



Classroom Supplies:Students will need to come to class with PE clothes, socks, and an appropriate pair of PE shoes.These should NOT be skate shoes, flip flops or dress shoes. Students should have a separate pair of athletic shoes that are kept in his/her PE locker.Facial jewelry is NOT allowed to be worn in PE for safety reasons.COURSE EXPECTATIONS

RESPECT is a very important rule in PE. Name calling, put downs and disrespectful behavior are NOT tolerated in my class.

Dress down EVERY day and come to class with a POSITIVE attitude, participate in everything to the best of your ability, and always give 110%.

If you do not bring your PE clothes to school, you will not be allowed to participate in the daily activity. (Hygiene reasons)  When you are unable to participate, you miss the opportunity to be evaluated on skills and application. 

NON-Dress policy:

1st ND- Warning

2nd ND- Parent/guardian is notified

3rd ND- 1 day detention

4th ND- 2 days detention

5th ND- 3 days detention

6th ND and above- May be considered defiance and result in suspension.


     Course Expectations:


1. Be prepared for participation every day.

2. Work to improve his/her skills in class every day.

3. Demonstrate skills and knowledge in several ways, including through consistent, active  participation in class.

4. Respect others in class - respect differences in ability, personality, and experience.

5.   Demonstrate positive sportsmanship.

Grading Policy

Course Standards: As required by law, students will be scored on their knowledge and skill on the standards expected for the course. Students will not only be given an overall grade for the course but will also be measured on specified standards aligned with course content.The standards will be measured using the following rubric scale.

Rubric Scale Descriptor

5  (A)  Mastery: Superior academic performance through evidence of in-depth understanding and demonstration of skill/standard.

4  (B)  Approaching Mastery: Consistently meets and sometimes exceeds the basic skill/standard and has a complete understanding, and can demonstrate the skill/standard.

3  (C)  Proficient: Meets the standard with basic knowledge and demonstration. Some errors may be present.

2  (I)  Working Toward Proficient: Not yet passing. Occasional demonstration of skill/standard.

1  (F)  Not Proficient/Insufficient Evidence: Limited achievement of the grade level standards/expectations. Proficiency cannot be determined due to missing assignments, and/or length of time in school.





GPMSPE 1: Demonstrate knowledge of a variety of motor skills.



GPMSPE 2 : Understand and apply movement concepts



GPMSPE 3: Understand rules and strategies for a variety of physical activities.

Be physically active

GPMSPE 4: Identify and assess the health-related components of fitness.


Self Conduct

GPMSPE 5: Explain and demonstrate safety, rules, procedures, and etiquette to be followed during participation in physical activities.



KEY:     Fitness Day Times:

5= A   10:59 and under

4= B   11:00 - 12:59

3= C   13:00 - 15:59

2= I (Incomplete)   16:00 - 17:59

1= F 18:00 and above

Opportunities to make up missing fitness days, written tests and be evaluated on skills will be provided throughout the year.