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        Constitution Day Resources

    Check to see if your school library has the following titles:


    We the Kids:the Preamble to the Constitution of the United States, by David Catrow

    An illustrated preamble to the Constitution. (342.73 Cat)  Gr. K-3


    Shhh! We’re Writing the Constitution, by Jean Fritz

    Describes how the Constitution came to be written and ratified. (342.73 Fri)  Gr. 3-6

    If you want to browse the shelves in the library to locate information about theU. S. Constitution, look for these numbers in the nonfiction and video collections.

    • 323.4 - Freedom of Assembly, Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Press 
    • 323.4 - Free Speech
    • 342.73 - United States - Constitution
    • 973.3 - United States - Constitutional History

    Library Resources

    The World Book Online, Kids Infobits, and OSLIS/Gale Resources databases contain encyclopedia information, magazine articles and pictures about the U.S. Constitution.


    Southern Oregon ESD

    The ESD has videos that can be checked out, digital streaming that can be downloaded from Power Media Plus and teacher resources from the K-12 Teaching and Learning Center. Ask your school librarian or call SOESD at 776-8560 for password information.

    [Click here for SOESD Media Catalog]


    Web Site Links

    Constitutional Rights Foundation

    Presents a series of free online lessons, resources from the CRF catalog, and Internet links to help educators design their own Constitution Day program.


    National Constitution Center

    Contains an interactive exploration of the individual parts of the constitution, a timeline, fast facts, lesson plans, activities for kids and more. 


    The National Archives

    Presents activities, games, lesson plans, and information about the 39 signers of the Constitution as well as high resolution images of the Constitution.


    White House Kids                                                                                                       

    Contains constitutional facts, images, and related games and quizzes.


    Center for Civic Education

    Lesson plans for each grade level deal with the U.S. Constitution



    Use the activities to get your students thinking about how the Constitution affects all American citizens.


    Education World

    Lesson plans and links that include vocabulary lessons, timelines, an image gallery, an interview activity, a creating an amendment activity and a scavenger hunt.


    Ben’s Guide to the U.S. Government for Kids

    Explains the legislation about the observance of Constitution Day and contains numerous links to teaching resources.


    Library of Congress

    Includes images of newspaper articles from 1787, notes Washington and Jefferson wrote on drafts of the Constitution, Washington's diaries, Hamilton's speech notes for proposing a plan of government, a Philadelphia map from 1752, and other artifacts.



    Do you need additional information?  Use these keywords to search our library catalogs, the elementary library databases, the SOESD media catalog and the Internet:

    • Constitution
    • Bill of Rights
    • Preamble to the Constitution
    • Number of specific amendment, such as 19th Amendment
    • Continental Congress
    • Great Compromise
    • Name of a signer of the Constitution, such as Benjamin Franklin