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  • Our Objective . . .

    To encourage all students to be active every day. 


    The Program . . .

    TEENS on the MOVE! was developed by the Grants Pass High School Physical Education department as a method to help students to develop the habit of consistent daily exercise.  Students log in the minutes that they exercise (outside of PE class) using the on-line resource.  Total minutes, % of students participating, and total workout days are tallied.  Students can earn individual and class rewards while improving their fitness.


    Our Program Goal . . .ONE MILLION MINUTES of exercise (not counting PE) per semester.      

        Sem 1 winning class

     For more information, contact a member of the GPHS PE department:

    • kdungey@grantspass.k12.or.us
    • jhuston@grantspass.k12.or.us
    • brichard@grantspass.k12.or.us
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  • Our Accomplishments...

    Over 7,406,685 total minutes of exercise (through June 2017) logged-in

     since the program began.

    Most Active Year:  1,625,734 minutes in 2015-2016

    Most Active Class:  136,593 minutes - semester 2 Huston Period 3 Team Sports

    Biggest Accomplishment:  Encouraging thousands of students to EXERCISE! on a consistent daily basis!

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