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  • In Student Athletic Trainer program you will assist the Athletic Trainer with daily tasks, such as taping injuries, dressing wounds, additional injury treatment (heat/cold/whirlpool, etc.) and rehabilitation within the training room. You will also attend practices and games (home and away) to assist athletes and coaches with their injury or equipment needs. Your duties will also include game/field set-up and take down.   You will not be allowed to assess or evaluate injuries on your own, but will learn how from the athletic trainer.


    In order to be eligible you must have completed and passed with a B or better, Emergency Care and Sports Medicine. The program is by application only and Mr. Rounsaville, our Athletic Director, and myself will select students to be in the program. You will have to make a serious time commitment to the program and be willing to work after school and evening hours during the week and possibly Saturdays depending on the season. You will have to work at least 3 days per week and this will usually include at least 1 practice and 1 game. We will rotate the Student Trainers between all sports, so you can learn about injuries and treatments for a variety of sports and athletes.


    We are looking for students who are self-motivated, disciplined and have an interest in either medicine, Athletic Training, Physical Therapy or athletics in general. You must be able to work well with others and be able to uphold and maintain the rules and expectations of the program. You will earn a letter grade for the program and elective credit.