• Welcome To 6th Grade Art!

    Welcome to 6th Grade Art.  Not everyone is "an artist".  That is okay.  To be successful in this course, you will need an open mind and a willingness to learn.  It is my intention to offer you a quiet learning environment to develop "the artist within".

    Mr. Wolford's Goal

    1. To encourage and teach students to move from an "Elementary Style" of art into a "Secondary Style" of art.
    2. To challenge students to work above their potential as artists.

    Student Goal

    1. To focus and listen to instruction in order to master basic art skills and concepts.
    2. To demonstrate to the teacher art skills and concepts learned so that he may constantly challenge and teach you new skills.
    3. Work hard and do the very best that you can.


    6th Grade Project List

    As time is always a factor, we will try to do as many of the following assignments as we can.

    • Dinosaur Grid Drawing
    • Line Design
    • 1pt. Perspective
      • Shapes
      • Perspective Lines
    • Collage' (About You)
      • Words
      • Gluing
    • Celtic Scratchboard
    • Molas'
    • Soda Can Drawing
      • Drawing
      • Coloring
    • Stained Glass Name
    • Name Symmetry
      • Drawing
      • Coloring
    • Colored Pencil Design
    • Fish Name
      • Patterns
      • Coloring
    • Printmaking Initials