• Expectations for Studio Artists:


    You are required to turn in a minumim of 4 projects chosen by me and another 2-6 personal projects by the end of the semester. The number of personal projcets required will vary by student based on the size and medium used for the artwork, the amount of effort and detail that the artwork required and the overall aestheic of the finished artwork based off of your personal skill level. 

     All of your artwork will be evaluated using the following and the rubric below. 

    1. Skill: I can use chosen art materials to create a desired effect.
    2. Application: The elements and principles of design are evident in my artwork.
    3. Skill: I can create art with a high level of craftsmanship.
    4. Critique: I can explain my thought process and how it evolved as my work unfolded.
    5. Critique: I can explain the choices I make and the effect they will have on my artwork.


           Art is very subjective and when I grade your artwork it will be graded on your skill level, your work ethic and the amount of artwork that you completed.


    1. If you can not work quietly and individually, you will be given an assigned seat. You will sit in this seat everyday.


    1. Music is allowed and highly encouraged, you will have one minute once I am done talking to push play and put your phone away. If I see your phone at any time after this the GP policy of no phones will be enforced. You are not allowed to use your phone to look at photo references, we have chrome books and a computer you can use for this. 


    1. You are expected to be a good role model for the Exploratory Art students, many of whom look up to you.


    1. You may not copy other artists work straight from a magazine. There is a long history of using other artists works as a reference or copying a famous artists work to learn new techniques, but when you completely copy another “working artists” art work and call it your own you are infringing on their copy right and this is frowned upon heavily in the art world. (It is actually breaking the law) If you feel that you can not work without a reference, use a photograph. Remember however that photographs are artwork too and if you completely copy a picture (without making major changes or asking for permission from photographer) that you did not take or do not have permission to use you are violating copyright. If you really like a picture email the photographer and ask to use it. Or start taking your own photos or hit up your friends.


    1. Supplies: Due to budget cuts it has become imperative that we do a better job of recording the use of materials. You are required to record all supplies that you take from the back room. Also you must let me know each time that you take any new materials. You are welcome to use any of the materials available to you as long as you record them and let me know.


    1. Clean up: You are expected to clean up after yourselves. This is a shared studio which means other people do not want to have to work around your mess. I will have a TA whose sole job will be to tidy up the studio everyday and throw away anything that is left out. You need to respect the materials that you are allowed to use. If I see you leaving a brush out or not properly cleaning it you will not be allowed to use advanced materials anymore.


           7.    This is a projcet based class and I need to see the artwork you are creating. Although many of you will work on projects at home, the majority of all projects should be completed in class. Absences will have a negative affect on your grade. (even if the absences is            excussed) If you get to the point where absences are affecting your grade you will be able to come in on your own time to make up for the hours of studio time you have missed. 




    Optional fees: There is no fee for this class; however certain items must be paid for in the bookkeeping office if they are to be used. All canvas materials (canvas board, pre and student stretched canvas), stretcher bars, matting materials (foam board, matt board, and shrink wrap). I will try to never say no to a students idea, so if your student wishes to work extremely large or larger than the size given to them I will only ask that they pay for this additional material.


    Rubric for Studio Art




















    Working Toward Proficient



    Critiques one’s own work using self-selected criteria that revel a high knowledge of the arts and the elements and principles of design.

    Critiques one’s own work using pre- selected criteria that revel some knowledge of the arts and the elements and principles of design.

    Critiques one’s own work using suggested criteria that revel basic knowledge of the arts and the elements and principles of design.

    Critiques one’s own work using suggested criteria but does not meet basic knowledge of the arts and the elements and principles of design.

    Rarely or never critiques own work and shows little to no knowledge of the arts and the elements and principles of design.


    Demonstrates advanced artistic skills

    Demonstrates the skill learning targets and some advanced artistic skills

    Demonstrates the skill learning target consistently

    Demonstrates Basic skills at times but not consistently

    Unable to demonstrate basic skills at this time


    One of the hardest workers in the class. Uses and correctly applies techniques that are shown in class

    Active quite participation in class. Uses and applies techniques that are shown in class

    Active contributor in the class. Consistently applies a basic understanding of techniques shown.

    Demonstrates some ability to participate but contributions are inconsistent and loud. Limited use of techniques shown.

    Student rarely or never participates. Very limited use or no attempt to use techniques shown in class.