Math 180

  • The Math 180 scope and sequence is built around a focused and coherent curriculum that enables struggling students to progress quickly and effectively toward grade-level standards and algebra readiness.  Each Math 180 topic includes highly focused content puposefully chosen to help students make connections while learning to think algebraically.  The progression is visible through foundational topics and practices that apply and extend to middle school standards.  Math 180 will focus on CCSS standards from multiple grade levels to help students become successful and the topics will include multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, place value and rational numbers.


    All required work for this course will be done in class on the Math 180 website or in the related workbook (mSpace).  Students will have the option to login outside of school on any computer or mobile device using their assigned access code to spend time on the Math 180 Brain Arcade.  Access to Math 180 Brain Arcade outside of class is not required.