• Homework Policy

    Homework will be written in the Student Planner daily.  It includes daily practice reviews of language arts, math, and 30 minutes of reading. It may also include any unfinished classwork. Students behind in daily work and homework will earn extra time in the learning center during lunch so that they don't fall behind.


    Language Arts and Math Homework

    At the beginning of every week students will bring home language arts pages and a math review sheet.  Please do Monday work on Monday (and so on).  This homework is in manageable bits, so please don't procrastinate until Thursday night.  If you want to work ahead, that is up to you. You know your week's schedule. 

    This homework is due on the last day of the school week (typically Friday and sometimes on a Thursday).



    Unfinished Classwork

    Students are expected to complete all class assignments during the class period. Ample time will be provided in class to complete work and receive help. Unfinished work will be taken home to be completed and due in class the following day. This is important, so the student will be prepared for the next day's lesson. 



    Reading Homework

    Students will be required to read an average of 30 minutes each night in order to practice reading skills they learned in class.  Reading times and the title of the book will be recorded in the student's daily planner.



    Additional Practice

    Math Fact Practice: It is essential that students are fluent in all of their math facts including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. In fifth grade, we will concentrate on our multiplication and division math facts. Students are expected to know their multiplication and division facts. Flash cards are available for all students. Be sure to check out the variety of websites under Useful Links.

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