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    Advancement Via Individual Determination

    To close the achievement gap by preparing all students for college readiness and success in a global society.

    Student Responsibilities:

    • Maintain enrollment in rigorous academic classes which lead to 4-year college eligibility.
    • Maintain satisfactory attendance and behavior in all classes.
    • Maintain an AVID binder with assignment calendars and daily Cornell notes from all classes.
    • Complete all homework and dedicate at least 1-2 hours to studying and homework each night.
    • Commit to community service activities throughout the year.
    • Be an active and engaged participant in daily AVID activities.

    Student Commitment:

    • I understand my responsibilities and would like to be considered for acceptance into the AVID program.
    • If selected for AVID, I understand that I must commit to remaining enrolled in the AVID elective for at least one year, and that I will be allowed to remain in the program only if I meet the student responsibilities outlined above.
    • I understand that studies show I will be most likely to demonstrate academic improvement if I remain in the program at least three years and most likely to meet my goal of college enrollment if I remain in the AVID program through my senior year of high school.

    Parent Commitment:

    • Parents and guardians agree to support their student in his or her path to college and to be an advocate for his or her success.
    • Parents agree to attend at least one information meeting about AVID.
    • Parents will ensure that their child is studying at least 1-2 hours after school and keeping an organized planner and binder.

    Grading Criteria:

    Academic grades will reflect a student’s mastery of the skills according to AVID goals and standards. Extra credit will not be provided. Grading will run continuous during the semester.