• Welcome To Mr. Wolford's Art Room!

    Every Artist was first an amateur.  Emerson

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     Class Syllabus

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    It is important for your child to stay caught up on the most current project.  Since many of our assignments last from one to four weeks, if they get behind, I encourage them to come in before school or during Lunch to get extra help.

    It is difficult to spend an additional one to four weeks coming in during the morning, to make up a project.  If you know you are behind, it is much easier to get help while we are currently working on that project.


     Have no fear of perfection, you'll never reach it.  - Salvador Dali


    Required supplies for Art

    • Please bring to class everyday:
    1. #2 pencil (real wood)
    2. Mechanical pencil & Extra Lead (0.5 or 0.7)
    3. White vinyl eraser
    4. 24pk. colored pencils (RoseArt, Crayola, etc...) NO ERASABLES!
    5. Two Hand held pencil sharpeners


    Getting Extra Help!


    If you are behind on your project and want to make sure are finished by the due date, then keep reading.

    What to do if you have been "Absent" or "Are just behind on the current project":

    You may come in before school and work from 7:50am-8:20am M-F, on Wednesdays, 8:30am-9:20am (Enter through the doors by my room).  Please let me know if you will be here so I can plan to be in my room.  I ask that you email me @ dwolford@grantspass.k12.or.us , the night before you plan to come in and I will email you back.


    • Supervision Schedule - I will have required morning supervision from 8:10-8:25am on the following dates: 
      • 1st Semester
        • 9/17 - 9/21
        • 10/15 - 10/19
        • 11/13 - 11/16
        • 12/10 - 12/14
        • 1/21 - 1/25
      • 2nd Semester
        • 2/19 - 2/22
        • 3/18 - 3/21
        • 4/22 - 4/25
        • 5/20 - 5/24


    Grading Policy


    1. Students should use classroom time wisely as each project will have a due date.
    2. Each individual is responsible for his or her projects and should make sure that Mr. Wolford has recorded the assignment before taking it home.
    3. After taking the each project home, please log into PowerSchool to make sure the grade on the back of your project matches what is in the grade book.        



    Points are earned through the following activities:

    1. Completion of Art Projects = 75% of final grade
    2. Participation / Behavior = 15% of final grade
    3. Formative Grade Checks = 10% of final grade


    1st Semester = September 4 - January 25  (85 days)

    (1st quarter = Sept. 4 - Nov. 9)     (2nd quarter = Nov. 13 - Jan. 25)

    2nd Semester = January 28 - June 12 (87 days)

    (3rd quarter = Jan. 28 - Apr. 5)     (4th quarter = Apr.8 - June 12)


    Do not fear going forward slowly; fear only to stand stillChinese Proverb