• Image Resolution
    Photoshop Dialog Box We advise you to send 300 dpi files. This resolution will ensure that your design is sharp instead of blurry. High resolution means more image detail.

    Digital images are those images that come from a digital camera or a scanner. They are made up of tiny dots known as pixels. If the resolution used to make a print of the image is too low we will “see the dots,” just as you sometimes do in a photograph reproduced on low quality newsprint.

    The box to the right shows the Image Size dialog box in Adobe Photoshop, the premier photo editing software. This information at the top of the box tells us that the photo was taken at 1936 pixels wide by 2592 pixels high. The size of the image is 14.4 Megabytes.

    The section of the box below shows that the current setting is for an image that is 6.453 inches wide by 8.64 inches high and that the resolution is 300 pixels per inch.

    Images downloaded from the Internet do not typically print clearly because their dpi is usually 72 dpi instead of the standard 300 dpi. Always use images with a dpi of at least 300.