• Red Sky

    Course Description

    7th grade Middle School Seminar class is designed to help students become engaged, analytical readers, by making connections to the book and world around them. 

    In this 9-week class, students will be reading the District 7 approved novel Going Green, written by Heather Ransom. Going Green is a coming-of-age (sci-fi) novel where the main character, Calyssa Brentwood, a high school senior, begins to question everything she's ever known and been taught about society. Throughout the storyline, Calyssa begins to realize that nothing is a simple as it seems and soon discovers that each choice brings new consequences.

    The class is primarily discussion based, led by discussion packets for each chapter. As we analyze the characters and plot, I facilitate discussions about cause and effect relationships and I have kids make connections to their lives, other books, movies, stories/rules/values their guardians have shared, our current world and history.

    Throughout the course, students will focus on their thoughts, choices, behaviors, strengths, passions, and talents as applied to themselves and the world around them. 


    Course Expectations

    Students are expected to be actively involved in their education.


    Grading Criteria

    This is a pass/ no pass graded course.


    There will be NO homework for this class. 


    Behavior Expectations

    Students are expected to be respectful, responsible, and safe. All policies stated in the Time Tracker will be observed. Electronic devices (cell phones, ipods, electronic readers, etc) are not allowed in class. Students will also be expected to conscientiously treat the classroom technology with EXTREME care and respect every time it is used.

    Consequences for minor classroom disruptions or violating school policies:

    • Verbal warning.
    • Behavior Response Sheet & Time Out Phone call to home.
    • Discipline referral to office.


    Daily attendance is important; the learning experiences a student misses in the classroom are often difficult to make up. If a student is absent, he or she can check the posted weekly calendar in Google Classroom or check with classmates to secure all handouts, assignments, journal prompts, and notes. I expect that students advocate for themselves and actively seek information that they have missed.


    There will be NO homework for this class.