• Go to https://smallpdf.com/ for the free webpage to work with your PDF files.


         This program will allow you to Unlock secured PDFs, Extract pages, convert to word, merge PDF files and so much more.  The IS department and the school attorney has checked this site and it’s good to use.

         There are of course a few caveats. If you are using the FREE version, you can only do two functions an hour.  For instance, I can only unlock two PDF files (teacher-pay-teacher) documents an hour. Then I have to wait or use another computer.  You can buy a subscription, but unless you are doing a ton with PDF files, I don’t think this is necessary.  That is up to you.  It says you can download an app for your desktop, but I haven’t done that either, so I am not familiar how it works.  I just use the online version.

          Elementary teachers that are using TEACHER PAY TEACHER or JOURNEYS PDFs, this will really make working with your files much easier and you can submit the pages you want instead of huge files.


     Enjoy and have fun using it.  If you have questions, give us call.