Grants Pass Adult Self-Care: The Resilient Practitioner

    Across the nation, teacher burnout is a constant conversation, concern, and reality. In discussions with principals, teachers, classified, and also from our needs-assessment surveys for staff development, self-care is one of the number one requests by staff in the Grants Pass School District. While I believe that we have the finest staff in the land, I know that we are not all Wonder Woman or Superman and that we need to help each other in staying well.

    In response to this request, we have worked to find the best source of information for supporting our staff as we serve and teach students. In particular, we found the highly recommended and respected book by Dr. Thomas Skovholt—truly an expert in self-care. His text shows a comprehensive understanding of the cost of the helping profession as well as how to achieve long-lasting self-care.

    Using his text, The Resilient Practitioner, I have created a seven-part series for a whole staff journey toward better self-care, resilience in our classrooms, and finding hope amidst the most difficult moments of a school year. We all often revert to a coping strategy when we are feeling overwhelmed and stressed; this is certainly a part of taking care of ourselves, but just coping does not help overall health and wellness. There is so much more we need to understand about the cost of serving in public schools and maintaining positive self-care.

    Here are the seven, one-hour lessons:

    1. Caring for Others
    2. Hazards of Practice & Hemorrhaging of the Caring Self
    3. Human Resilience
    4. Sustaining the Professional Self
    5. Sustaining the Personal Self
    6. Burnout Prevention and Self-Care Strategies
    7. Self-care Strategies of the Expert Practitioner

    The goal is that as a school team, we can support each other in our wellness strategies so that even on Friday afternoon—in late April, we are energized, happier, and our best selves for our students who need us to be that positive, stable, competent, and caring adult. We may never actually be a superhero, but we all can be super humans.  

    Using Dr. Skovholt's text, The Resilient Practitioner, Grants Pass' director, Dr. Bloomquist will lead a staff through seven staff development modules coving how helping professionals are taxed by the job itself and providing pathways for positive self-care.

    For more information regarding any of the programs, please contact Todd Bloomquist at the Grants Pass District Office. He can be reached by phone at (541) 474-5715 or by email at tbloomquist@grantspass.k12.or.us.