• AVID Site Team

    The AVID Site Team is a voluntary group of adminsitrators, counselors, teachers, and others who work together to close the achievement gap and provide college readiness for all students by implementing AVID across South Middle School.


    AVID Elective Teachers

    Ms. Reid (7th grade elective teacher & Language Arts)

    Ms. Hall (8th grade elective teacher & Math)


    AVID Site Team

    Mr. Kriz (Social Studies)

    Mr. Scarcello (Social Studies)

    Mr. Owen (Science)

    Ms. Davis (Science)

    Mr. Serrage (Math)

    Ms. Thompson (Math)

    Mr. Gottula (English)

    Mr. Blank (Health & PE)

    Ms McGarry (Counselor)

    Mr. Lingo (Asst. Principal)

    Mr. Sale (Principal)


    AVID Site Coordinator

    Ms. Hall