• In the German pronounciation, W sounds like a V, and there are some other lingual techniques that a German speaker would use to pronounce Wagerle. We pronounce it: WAG-er-lee.

    watch4squatch Places I've lived: I was born and raised in Alaska and it will always be home. I've also lived in Colorado, Texas, Western Australia, and now Oregon.

    Jobs I've done: Construction expediter, Pizza cook, waitress, and pizza delivery driver; Geotechnical field engineer; Desktop publisher; Math Teacher; PTA volunteer in charge of Publicity

    Things I love: Traveling and roadtrips, singing, camping, hiking, digital graphic design, reading, witnessing students triumph in any aspect of their lives, sewing, and everything crafty (making baby gifts, costumes for halloween or school, beaded earrings, doing halloween makeup & I recently tried making soap).

    I have two children in D7 schools and I am honored to serve the Grants Pass community.


    Master of Education Bachelor of Science
    Curriculum & Instruction--Math Education Geological Engineering
    University of Houston Colorado School of Mines
    Houston, Texas Golden, Colorado