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  • Distance Learning access;


    We will be using Google Classroom to access online learning materials as well as distributing any other important information.  Please refer to your individual Google Classroom pages for up to date information and assignments.

    If you have trouble accessing your Google Classroom page, I sent an invitation on Wednesday, 4-1-20 to all of my students that provides you with the link and access codes for each class.

    If you cannot access the Google pages please contact me using my email address link listed below;




    GPHS Manufacturing

Relevant paperwork for the course you are enrolled in can be accessed using the links at the left of the page.  Included in t
  • Fab Lab after School
    Come see Mr.Brannen to get involved with our after school Fab Lab.  This will give you the opportunity to learn more about our;
    3D Printers
                     CNC Router                                      Injection Molding
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  • Relevant paperwork for the course you are enrolled in can be accessed using the links at the left of the page.  Included in this paperwork are all of the required safety tests you will be taking before beginning work in the shop.
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  • Things you Need to Know

    Here's a short list of what is expected of students in this classroom:

        Students must be on time (in your seat when the bell rings).  Being late to class WILL have an effect on your grade!
        Students should be prepared for class.  Pencils, plans and whatever you will need on a daily basis to accomplish your work for that day.
        Cell phones ARE NOT ALLOWED in this class!  They will be taken from you if they are seen or heard!
        Safety is unquestionably the most important aspect of this class.  Disregarding established safety rules or acting in an unsafe manner are reasons for removal from class.
        You and you alone are responsible for the quality of your own work.
        All required paperwork, class fees (or written arrangements) and safety exams must be complete before you are allowed to work in the shop.

    There is a lot more that you need to know so this is just the beginning!


    Grading Policies


    1 Practice; Formative assessment.  10% of grade
        Daily work, homework, other formative assessments

    2 Knowledge; Summative assessment, 10% of grade
        Tests and quizzes on knowledge, safety and skill, alternative assessments, other summative assessments

    3 Skill; Formative assessment, 20% of grade
        Progress checks (staying on task and completing required work in a timely manner), other formative assessments

    4 Projects; Summative assessment, 60% of grade
        Student projects, other summative assessments



    Classroom Supplies

    Beginning Woodworking

    • All you need to begin this course is a pencil and a good attitude.  We do not use PEN in woodworking!

    Intermediate Woodworking

    • Pencil and a good attitude.
    • An idea of what you would like to create / plans.
    • You may want to purchase your own tape measure and safety glasses but this is not required for the course.

    Advanced Woodworking

    • Pencil and a good attitude.
    • Your own tape measure is STRONGLY advised for this course.
    • Plans for the project you are considering for the course.

    Plans can be found at the following site (you cannot download your plans from this site but I can do it for you, just bring me your choices);