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Mrs. Dungey

Our goal is to engage students in a variety of fitness related experiences, in order to develop adults who have the knowledge and awareness to lead physically active lives. 

  *  Period 1:  Personal Training

  *  Period 3:  Heart Smart 

  *  Periods 2,4, and 7:  Intro to PE

  *  Period 5:  Fitness Fusion

TEENS on the MOVE! 

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  •  I am so PROUD of my students!  THEY ARE THE BEST!

    After 1 week of Distance Learning workouts, my students were asked to reflect upon their week of workouts.  Here are some of their responses:

    • It just boosts my confidence by a lot.
    • I feel a lot better about myself Plus I feel more awake and energized.
    • My favorite was the hike because I was outdoors with people that I care about
    • I got active at home which never really happens, so I’m glad it made me exercise at home.
    • The workouts helped me go to sleep at night and they also made me much less stressed
    • Working out kind of sets the mood for the day, so it makes me want to do it more.
    • I got a sense of personal accomplishment.
    • I felt like I got stronger and feel good instead of just sitting around and not doing anything.
    • I feel great working out
    • It felt good to get out move, it made me feel tired but productive.
    • I think it was good for me and it made me feel good about myself so I’m glad I have new websites to use to get a free work out and energy boost 
    • I got to get out of the house and going on a bike ride helped provide a good way to end the day. 
    • To get out of the house because it actually helps you calm down
    • It made me feel way better and it gave me more energy
    • Working out this week helped me feel more productive. It’s helped me develop more of a schedule and routine, too.
    • My dad really wants to go out on more bike rides so i might end up doing that each week
    • Whenever I work out, I always feel refreshed/better about myself or about my day
    • I was able to get out into nature and get out of the house but also stretch my legs.
    • I exercised and it made me feel good and energized after the first couple times
    • I feel a lot better about myself because I’m staying in shape. Plus I feel more awake and energized.
    • I got more peace of mind out of my workouts this week.
    • This made me realize that no matter where you are, you can always find a way to exercise. 


    Video link:     Distance Learning - Finish Strong!

     Video link:    Great Job! You're finished!