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  • Licensure

    Educators who are employed by public schools and who are compensated for their services from public funds must hold a valid license. Licenses are required for: teachers; counselors; school psychologists; supervisors; professional technical directors; principals, program directors, and other district administrators who evaluate licensed personnel; superintendents; athletic coaches; school nurses; substitute teachers; and other personnel performing the above duties regardless of title.

    For a complete explanation and renewal process please go to the Teacher Standards and Practices Commission website (Please Note *** The District must receive a completed PDU log from the licensed staff seeking renewal. The District will complete and submit a PEER form based on the PDU log***). Current Certified staff are cautioned that failure to maintain license and endorsements may invalidate their contract with the District. Please review carefully any information received from TSPC. The District may provide employees with reminders, but those reminders do not relieve staff of their responsibility for maintaining their own license.

    Teacher licensing is a critical component of educator employment and assignment. Teachers Standards and Practices Commission (TSPC) is the owner and distributor of Licensure information and standards for the State of Oregon. To ensure you receive accurate and current information about your licensure please contact TSPC. All certified staff are responsible for obtaining and maintaining appropriate licensure before begining or changing assisgnment.

    Every Student Succeeds Act, Highly Qualified - Classified

    Qualifications for Educational Assistant(s) and Special Education Assistant(s) at all District 7 Schools:

    The federal ESSA education act requires that educational assistants in Title I Schools meet the standards listed below. District 7 requires the same standards for substitutes.

    • Complete at least two years of post secondary study - Submit a copy of diploma or transcripts to Human Resources with either 72 quarter or 48 semester credits or;
    • Obtain an Associates Degree or higher - Submit diploma or transcripts to Human Resources or;
    • Complete the Paraprofessional assessment test (reading, math, writing) at the District Office. Please call 541-474-5700 to make an appointment.

    Criminal Records Check/Fingerprinting

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