Electronic Pay Stub

  • E-Check Pay Stub

    Sign Up For E-Check; An Electronic Pay Stub

    This feature, available for all staff, provides intranet access to paycheck stub history.  If you have signed up for direct deposit, you can help the environment and cut costs by going with E-Check.

    The E-Check option provides online access to check history and allows you to print your own check stub (just as if it was printed at time of the payroll run). This saves paper and reduces time and materials used to print, stuff, distribute and deliver your check stub.

    To sign up for E-Check, on the Intranet select Staff Portfolio, Check History tab, select the E-Check checkbox. Your information is available indefinitely for each check issued.

Direct Deposit

  • Sign Up for Direct Deposit: The fast, easy, and secure way to receive your monthly paycheck. All you have to do is click the link below, fill out the form, attach a voided check, and return to the payroll department at the District Office.

    Direct Deposit Form


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