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Information Services/Technology

The Information Services Department (IS) supports technology for students, teachers, and other staff to promote and monitor educational growth at a high standard of excellence. The Infrastructure includes a network backbone, servers, and a storage farm, as well as a range of client computing and multimedia devices installed in classrooms and labs across our campuses. We also maintain software and hardware to protect this infrastructure against viruses and other threats, providing a safe environment for learning, intellectual growth, and sharing of ideas. The Grants Pass School District complies with Federal regulations to protect students from inappropriate content on the Internet under the Federal Internet Protection Act of 2003.

Additionally, IS supports a wide spectrum of applications ranging from software in kindergarten classrooms to 3D printers in our metal shop to Administrative applications aimed at promoting efficiency in our operations. Information Services assists each department in optimizing and integrating applications to facilitate the highest level of accountability across our academic community. These efforts help us to enhance and customize the educational experience we deliver to all our students.

Technology has become integral, if not critical, to our 21st Century classrooms. We strive to provide and support technologies that engage students in all curricula across disciplines throughout our district. We also know that many of the jobs that our current students will hold in the future have not even been created yet. We are committed to helping each student be able to use technology in a responsible, thoughtful, and productive manner to be ready for their future. To learn more about the Future Ready work, you can click here.  

Contact Us

Phone:  541-474-5715

Jake Wood
IS Supervisor

Julian Cubillos
Computer Tech

John Bacon
Computer Tech

Peter Tully
Computer Tech 

Aaron Bird
Computer Tech 

Doug Billi
Senior Software Developer

Marlene Diego
Administrative Assistant
ext. 00114


David Prince

Svetlana Gamble

Nancy Montgomery
Administrative Assistant