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School Improvement

The Office of School Improvement oversees three general areas that include equity diversity, and inclusion; mental and behavioral health, and Information Services.

With our commitment to improving the district's equity diversity, and inclusion for students, we are striving to create a more resilient community in our students and staff. This means addressing issues that impact us each around race, LGBTQIA2+, inequality, and access to services. As part of this work, we facilitate the district's Equity Team and our community equity team called TIDE (Team for Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity).  

The second area is focused on the developing child through young adulthood. We provide professional development for all in the areas of trauma-informed practices, the human stress continuum, mental and behavioral health, and overall student wellness.  New-to-the-profession teachers are provided critical elements to creating predictable, safe, and excellent learning environments. Foundational to this work is grounded in the latest brain science and neural development. 

The final area is Information Services. This department manages our 7,000 computer devices, district network, servers, wireless access, and data management. Programmers and technicians work to ensure our student information system is meeting staff needs, repairing software problems, and repairing computers. 

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Todd Bloomquist
Director of School Improvement

Marlene Diego
Administrative Assistant
541-474-5715 ext. 00114