• Principal's Message


    Dear Students, Parents and Community Members,

    At Grants Pass High School, we look at a number of measures to define success and growth. In looking at our school report card, it can be confusing as there are a myriad of numbers to look through. The primary number we look at is students successfully completing their high school experience with a diploma. Some other measures are student success in reading, writing, math, and science standardized assessments. 

    We are most proud of our Freshmen-on-Track numbers. Over the past year, we improved this mark by 7%. This is a result of intentional efforts to give our Freshmen more intervention help and being more intentional about forming relationships with individual students.

    We are consistently putting forth effort to help Freshmen off to a strong start, including our "Freshmen Success" classes.

    Our graduation rate is slightly higher than state averages, although we have a lot of growth ahead to make. We are especially focusing on improving our dropout rate as it is higher than state averages. We have put a system in place we believe will help keep students on track.

    Our staff aims to establish positive relationships with our students and families, celebrating growth, and making learning meaningful and engaging. Thanks for your help in working with us to make GPHS the best it can be.


    Thank you,

    Principal Ryan Thompson