My name is Dr. Chris Jelderks, but my friends call me "Jelly."  Students may call me "Mr. J",  "Dr. J",  "Dr. Jelly,"  or "Mr. Jelly!"  One of the best things about me is that I just had a new son this summer: Ian Grant Jelderks.
    This is my 16th year teaching, and I love teaching middle schoolers!  I love the energy they bring to class, the realness they render, and how they make me a better person!  I have high expectations for each and every child in my classroom.  This means that I expect every student to do their best each day.  I won't quit on your kid!
    Here are some things that you should be aware of about my 7th ELA class.
    First of all, my class is almost 100% paperless.  We use laptops and an online classroom almost every day!
    Students will be using Google Classroom as a medium to access, save, and submit work a lot this year.  
    Every student will be using a CHROMEBOOK LAPTOP in class.  This is a really great opportunity for them to experience what a blended learning environment (mix of technology and regular) is like. If your student does not type as fast as they want to, there is a FREE "Typing Club" app available for them, via, Google Chrome. 
    Also, we will be using the ONLINE COLLECTIONS curriculum.  Students will have access to this through their Chromebook laptops at school and at home through the web and/or the Google Classroom.  Students can also go to www.my.hrw.com to access this content. 
    If your student does not have access to the internet and/or a computer they can use a hardcopy book from class to take home.  No homework will be given that strictly requires the use of a computer; students can get handouts from class, books, and other materials to replace the online work. 
    Some exciting things your student may be participating in this year is a real MOCK TRIAL, in class, along with some group projects/skits. 
    --It's going to be a great year!
    Helpful videos:
    Random Jelly video (below) <:) -
    Amazing Jellies