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    As a true reading and writing nerd, I pride myself in being passionate about my subject and, most importantly, the students who walk through my door every day. This is my 13th year of teaching and my 4th year of teaching at Grants Pass High School. GPHS is a true home to me and I strive to make my students feel the same way.
    When I am not geeking out about the latest dystopian novel or slam poem, you can find me snuggling with my boys (5-year-old Owen and 1-year-old Indi), perusing the Farmer's Market with my husband Eric, or planning some type of adventure. (I am not one who enjoys sitting still.)
    The 2019-20 school year has sure been a challenge for everyone in the world, but I believe in the pereserverence and strength of people. Stay strong, my friends. You are surviving a major era in history. Rely on art.
    “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”
    ― Pablo Picasso
    Times are good for dreamers.
                                                   My family
    Full disclaimer: I do not use this page very often. For distance learning, please Check Google Classroom for specific schedules and assignments. I use that page consistently.
    Period 1 (Journalism): a4d3f5i
    Period 2 (English): eoircpu
    Period 3 (English): gekirda
    Period 4 (Speech): 5fmkw5u
    Period 5 (English): pepnerd
    Period 6 (English): nfuzkna