South Middle School Bands

    The goal of the South Middle School Band is to provide a positive and challenging atmosphere where students will receive an education that will contribute to their musical and personable growth. By participating in the SMS band, the goals and objectives of the students are to;
    • Understand the Elements of Music and how they impact artistic products.
    • Understand the role of the Elements of Music in the development of larger concepts in the arts.
    • Study the different styles and genres of in the context of creating works.
    • Study how the arts reflect the beliefs, feelings, and ideas of those who create them.
    • Through activities and observations, learn to create artistic products and use them for a variety of purposes in society.
    • Through creating, responding to and performing works of music, gain a great appreciation for the arts, for artists past and present, and for the value of artistic expression.
    Upcoming Events
    What: Pride of the North West Marching Band Competition performance (PNW)
    Who: 7th and 8th grade bands 
    Where: Grants Pass High School Mel Ingram Stadium
    When: 10/13/18
    What: North Vs. South Football Game peb band performance
    Who: 7th and 8th grade bands
    Where: Grants Pass High School Mel Ingram Stadium
    When: 10/24/18
    What: SMS Holiday Concert
    Who: ALL SMS band classes
    Where: Grants Pass High School Perfroming Arts Center
    When: 12/11/18
    Call time: 7:20
    Performance: 7:50
    What: North Albany MS Jazz festival
    Who: Jazz band 
    Where/When: TBA



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