Hello parents, students, and all others who visit this page! 


    My name is Mr. Kellogg, and I teach English at Grants Pass High School. 


    If you are a Freshman, click on the "Freshman" page to look at your class info.


    If you are a Junior, click on the "Junior" page to look at your class info. 


    You can find the Syllabus, Google Classroom codes, and more in these class pages. 


    Here is a picture of my daughter Aurora, wife Shianne, and me!



    Here are some quick bullet points about me:


    • I grew up in Northern California, and moved to Medford, Oregon when I was a Sophomore in High School. 


    • I graduated from South Medford High School in 2013.


    • I studied Computer Science at Oregon State University for three years, and then transferred to Southern Oregon University to finish my degree. 


    • I graduated with my bachelor's degree in English (minor in Computer Science) in June 2018. (It took me 5 years to finish college; you can do it too!)


    • I went right back to SOU for my master's degree in teaching English, and graduated in June 2019.