• Welcome to the Counseling and Career Center! Here you can find information about your counselor and what types of conseling services they provide. If you have any questions on anything carreer or counseling related please feel free to e-mail one of our contacts. Thank you!


    Counseling Services

    Short term academic based Counseling services:

    Short term academic based Counseling services are available at North Middle School to all students.  We are not able to provide long term mental health counseling services to students.

    If longer term Counseling is needed:

    It would be wise to check with your insurance provider for a list of counselors in the area that they have approved (preferred provider list).  This is a great way to expedite your search.

    If you are not currently covered by insurance, you can check with the Department of Human Services and ask about qualifying for the Oregon Health Plan to receive insurance coverage.

    You may also elect to not use your insurance provider and still access counseling services from private counselors in the area.  Private counselors will charge by the hour for their service.  Some counselors have a sliding fee scale which is based on your income level.  They all have a minimum amount that they charge and each counselor sets that individually.  You will need to ask them directly for their fee schedule.

  • Ms. Hockert
    Counseling Center Secretary
    541-474-5740 ext. 40104

    Mr. Bland
    School Counselor
    Students with last names (A-J)
    541-474-5740 ext. 40106

    Mrs. Tonnesen
    School Counselor
    Students with last names (K-Z)
    541-474-5740 ext. 40109

    Mrs. Alderson
    School Counselor
    1/2 time at North MS and 1/2 time at South MS
    541-474-5740 ext. 40111