• April 2-3 Announcement from Mr. Musser

    Dear AD Families,

    If you are planning to check a Chromebook out for your students this will take place on Thursday and Friday from 10:00-2:00.  We are asking that parents come during the designated time below if this works in your schedule, although it isn’t mandatory that you pick-up during this scheduled time.  We will have more check-out times available next week as well.

     Here is the breakdown in the schedule:

    10:00-10:30- Student’s last name begins with letters A-E

    10:30-11:00- Student’s last name begins with letters F-M

    11:00-12:30- Open Check-Out time and lunch pick-up (If you come during this time be prepared for a longer wait time)

    12:30-1:00- Student’s last name begins with letters N-R

    1:00-1:30- Student’s last name begins with letters S-T

    1:30-2:00- Student’s last name begins with letters U-Z

     Because we want to make sure we are practicing Social Distancing we are asking parents to remain in their car until it is their turn for check-out.  Parents will pull up to the front of the covered area (bus lane)  in front of the school. This is the same area if you have been picking lunches up for your children.  We will have a staff member in the bus lane with a radio, so that we can communicate back and forth between the check-out table and the families wanting to check out.  When it is your turn to check Chromebooks out, we will radio out to staff, and they will direct you where to go for check-out. We will be checking Chromebooks out under the covered area in front of the school, so you will not need to come into the school.  The Chromebooks have been disinfected multiple times, and will be placed in a clean Ziploc bag, with information on caring and use of the Chromebook, as well as the charging cord.  You will not be required to sign anything or turn anything in.  It will be as simple as staff scanning the Chromebook, placing it in the Ziploc, and sliding it to the parent.

    With all this said, we only have one scanner to utilize for check-out, but we will work through this process as quickly as possible. I appreciate your patience ahead of time.  

    We want to continue to support our families and students as best as possible during these unprecedented times, but we also want to make sure we are practicing social distancing. 

    I greatly appreciate all the support and kind words that so many families have sent our way.  We are thinking of all of you, and miss the kids!


    Jake Musser


  • Happy March 32nd!

    Work at Home Tips

    Hopefully, you were able to get into the fifth grade Google Classroom and watch a video from Mrs. Beggs, Mrs. Christopherson, and myself. This week, the teachers are learning how to be YouTubers! Below is my latest video where I give some tips on how to work from home.

    Work From Home


  • March 31st Announcement

    Dear Students and Families,

    To access videos and work packets digitally, you will need to sign into your Google account, and then into Google Classroom. For now, all content will be posted in the Allen Dale Fifth Grade Google Classroom site. The district office has emailed directions on how to access your account in a powerpoint. I have also uploaded the same directions into a .PDF below. Please accept the invitation that your teacher sent you and you will be ready to see videos and print out work. Please remember, all packets posted on this site are already printed and will be ready for pick up on Monday, April 6th. I can't tell you how much I miss seeing each of you every day.


    2020 Guide to Google Classroom


  • March 30

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Mrs. de Young's Fifth Grade

Phone: 541-474-5760 Ext. 144


Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. de Young's Fifth Grade

Hello Students and Families,

Thank you for checking in on my website.


 To access Clever you will have to sign into your school Google account. To do this, the username is your first initial of your first name.lastname.d7apps.gp.k12.or.us and your password is your gp and your lunch number. For example user name: s.anderson@d7apps.gp.k12.or.us  password gp490230.

If you need to contact me at anytime, you can always shoot me a quick email at kdeyoung@grantspass.k12.or.us 


Our class motto:

Be excellent to each other!

~Bill and Ted









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