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Mr. Belcher


Welcome to Mr. Belcher's Classroom

This page will include information for your student's Physical World, Physical World Review, and Physical Science classes.

 All assignments and activities will be posted on Goole Classroom for the remainder of the year.

These are the same Google Classrooms we have been using all year.  If you have an issue with the codes, please email me by clicking on my name above.


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Course Expectations

Students take responsibility for their own learning, with profeciency grading, the majority of a student's grade will reflect their ability to know the material.

Be Safe, Be Respectful of fellow students, teachers, and the classroom.

Put away personal electronics #NoTweeting #NoPictures #NoSnapchat #NoCalls

Be on Time, Be on Task, and Be Prepared



Grading Policy

Two categories, Formative and Summative. Formative assessments iclude homework, labs, classwork, group presentations, and notebooks.

These will comprise 30% of the overall grade, along will anything considered "practice." Summative assessments or made up of tests, quizzes, formal labs, and digital presentations. These will make up 70% of the overall grade.

The following scale will be used to determine final semester grade

A= 90-100% B= 80-89% C= 70-79% F= 0-69%