Mr. Nick Kennedy

Phone: 541-474-5710 Ext 210


Degrees and Certifications:

BS Physics, SOU (2007)MA Teaching, SOU (2008)

Mr. Nick Kennedy




Welcome to another great school year!

I will be helping most of you learn physics.  That means I will be helping you understand how the material world works.  Learning physics will prepare you for success in college and it can open the door to some very exciting opportunities and careers.

Physics is a challenging subject, and you will probably be stretched a bit and challenged in ways that you may not have been in other classes, but stick with it, it's worth it!




  • AP Physics • Physics
  • Physical World   • Conceptual Physics

Classroom Supplies:

Time is precious!! To make sure we don't waste a day, please be on time and don't forget to bring:

  • Pencil with lead and eraser
  • Notebook with blank paper
  • Calculator (NOT the one on your phone)
  • Spiral Notebook/Lab Book

Class Rules & Consequences
  1. This is a safe place for everyone!
  2. This is a place of learning!
  3. Be prepared!

If what you want to do interferes with any of these rules, don't do it. Otherwise it's probably OK.