•    Miss Lehnhardt is the Director of Vocal Music at GPHS, and teaches all Choir classes, Music Appreciation, and Music Theory.  

            Lehnhardt        Phone: 541-474-5710 x217 *

                   Email: jlehnhardt@grantspass.k12.or.us

                   Degrees and Certifications:

               Bachelor of Music; Music Education

               Master of Music; Choral Conducting

               Professional Teaching License for ML/HS

       *Note- Miss Lehnhardt is unable to take calls during class time.

          Please leave a detailed message to recieve a return call.



    Class Policies:   

    • Be on time for classes, rehearsals, and performances.
    • FOOD/DRINK/GUM/CANDY/ etc. in are not allowed in the room at any time.
    • Restroom usage takes place before or after (not during) class.
    • Cell phones, ipads, sunglasses, and other recreational equipment are not to be seen/used during class time.
    • Refrain from using scented lotions/perfumes/colognes inside the classroom.
    • Be respectful; do not talk during instruction or rehearsal, and raise your hand to speak.
    • School appropriate language is expected at all times.
    • Dismissal from this class is by the instructor, not the bell. (Although instructor will do their best to adhere to the bell!)
    • Enter and exit class using designated doors.

    Cell Phone Policy: 

    It is the policy of Grants Pass High School that cell phones and other electronic devices (including headphones and ear buds) must be put away and are not permitted to be displayed, used, or viewed in any classrooms and/or during instructional time for any reason. This includes all areas of the PAC. Students that display, use or view their cell phones or other electronic devices (including headphones) in violation of the above rules for any reason are, in essence, giving ANY staff member permission to confiscate it.


    Discipline: Students will receive a warning from the teacher if behavior is disruptive to instruction. If a student continues to be disruptive after being warned, appropriate consequences will be applied and parental contact may occur. Students continually disruptive to the learning process of others will be referred to the office. In extreme cases, removal from class may be necessary.


    Our Facilities: (The Performing Arts Center/PAC):

    We are extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to rehearse and perform in one of the finest facilities in Southern Oregon. Our inventory of instruments, equipment, and music is extensive and valuable; some of it irreplaceable. As we own this facility, we also pay for its up-keeping and repairs. Abuse and/or thoughtless mistreatment of school or the facilities or equipment within it will not be tolerated. As a performing arts student, one of your responsibilities is to address those who violate these guidelines or inform your teacher immediately of any problems. The PAC will be closed during lunches, except by appointment. Loitering in the PAC is not allowed at any time. Please use the front glass doors of the PAC to enter and exit the building; classroom side doors should not be used for class access.