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Mr. Morton

Welcome to Mr. Morton's Classroom

We will be using google classroom when we start our distance learning on April 13th 2020. You can find the google classrooms for all of Mr. Morton's classes here. Google Classroom for GP Art


Welcome to Grants Pass High School's 2-D Art Department.

Most of you will come to think of this room as a second home and a safe haven from the rest of your hectic school day.

Art is one of my passions in life and I am so happy to share that with you and I feel blessed to be around so many amazingly creative people every day. (Yes I’m talking about you!!!)


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Grading Policy

District Grading Scale:
A Mastery
B Approaching Mastery
C Proficient
F Not proficient

At the end of the first semester, if a student is making adequate progress toward proficiency and utilizing resources available (determined by the teacher), they will be assigned an Incomplete (I) and will have 15 school days to demonstrate proficiency on missing/incomplete assessments. The “I” will become and “F” after this 15 day window. Students may choose to improve their grades, per teacher approval, within the same 15 day window. Students receiving an “I” in the second semester will need to have their proficiency demonstrated before the teacher leaves for the summer or within 10 days from the start of the first day of school the following year.

Late Work or Missing Work: Students must complete assignments and submit them to the teacher in order to demonstrate that they are working toward proficiency. The purpose of assignments is to prepare students for assessment. Students may continue to turn in assignments or revise assignments until the student has completed the final assessment for that unit (including retakes). Students may turn in missing assignments or revised assignments as a method to prepare for retaking an assessment or to improve the assessment score.