Grants Pass School District #7 EL Program

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Grants Pass School District #7 EL Program

For our English speaking families, I want to thank you for the privilege to develop your child's English language skills! The English Learner (EL) program is designed to help second-language students read, write, speak and understand English better so they can fully benefit from regular classroom instruction.  Our goal is to help your child develop proficiency in English, within 5 years or less, to obtain the best education possible.This program is offered at Lincoln Elementary School, Redwood Elementary School, North Middle School and Grants Pass High School. This site was built so students could access current and previous English language lessons to practice by themselves or with a parent. If you have any questions and would like to e-mail me, please click on my name at the top.

Para nuestros padres hispanohablantes, quiero darles las gracias por el privilegio de desarollar las habilidades en inglés de sus hijos! El propósito de este programa es ayudar a los estudiantes a leer, escribir, hablar y entender inglés con el fin de que tengan éxito en sus clases regulares.  Queremos que todos los estudiantes reciban la mejor educación posible. Este programa se ofrece en Lincoln Elementary School, Redwood Elementary School, North Middle School, y Grants Pass High School. Si le gustaría comunicarse conmigo por correo electrónico, favor de hacer "clic" en mi nombre arriba.

(为我们的普通話讲的家庭)我想要感谢您特权开发您的儿童的英文技能! 英文学习者(侧房)节目被设计帮助二语言学生读,写,讲和了解英国更好,因此他们可以充分地受益于规则教室规章。  我们的目标是帮助您的孩子开发熟练用英语,在5年或较少之内,得到最佳的教育可能。这个节目被提供在林肯小学,红木小学,北部中学,并且津贴通过高中。 这个站点被修造了,因此学生可能独自访问当前和早先英文教训到实践或与父母。 如果您有任何问题,并且想要对电子邮件我,请点击我的名字在上面。