Required Supplies

    Bring these items to class everyday (Required!):

    1. #2 pencil (wood! not synthetic or mechanical) Ticonderoga makes a great all around pencil
    2. White vinyl eraser
    3. Hand held pencil sharpener

    Optional supplies

    24pk. colored pencils (RoseArt, Crayola, etc...) NO ERASABLES!

    Getting Caught Up

    You are encouraged to redo a project or improve an existing project any time during the semester for a better grade.

    You may work in the Art room from 7:50 AM to 8:20 AM M,Tu,Th,F and from 8:50 AM to 9:20 AM on Wednesdays.


    Current/Final grades are recorded on PowerSchool in the A, B, C, format, based on a point system. Individual assignments are recorded as points.

    • DA means you did not turn in this assignment.
    • 0   means you turned the assignment in unfinished.
    • No grade (blank) means the assignment has not been graded yet.
    • Refer to Getting Caught Up above to see how to remedy a DA or 0.

    Project Grades

    1. Preparation -- How well students did the required preparatory work.
    2. Technical proficiency -- Quality of finished product.

     Additional Assignments – Writing, drawing, or other assignments with variable point values.

     Participation Grade – Attendance, use of class time, and classroom behavior affect point totals.

     Final Grades are a combination of participation, project, and other assignment grades.

    90%=A     80%=B     70%=C     below 70%=F

    Ten Things that Require No Talent
    But Help Your Grade
    Being On Time
    Work Ethic
    Body Language
    Being Coachable
    Doing Extra
    Being Prepared