Principal's Message

  • Dear Allen Dale Families,

    Welcome to the 20-21 school year.  This is currently my 9th year as the principal at Allen Dale Elementary.  This year will be like no other year since I started in education nearly 20 years ago.  Students need positive adults in their lives more than ever right now, and the reassurance that everything will okay.  We ended the school year with students learning online, and we will start the year the same way.  I know that we all want students back in school, but it is important that we do this as safe as possible.  The one positive that will come out of all of this will be the resiliency it builds with our children.  They will need to navigate learning an entire different way than they have in the past. You will be surprised at their ability to catch onto technology quickly, and adapt to the changes and challenges that come with distance learning.  It is important that they all understand we are all here for them, and despite not being able to see them in-person, we are more than happy to see them through a virtual lens.

    When students do return we will focus no only on their academics, but also on their social and mental well-being.  More than anything, they have probably missed recess with their friends, getting to know their classmates, and working as a team.  We will make sure that they are able to do all of these things when they return, and we will be very conscientious of making time for them to share out and visit with one another.  We appreciate your patience and grace while our teachers work through a brand new way of teaching.  They are working diligently at learning the new programs, and teaching the appropriate curriculum with distance learning.  When we get students back, and parents are allowed to be back in the building, we will make sure to celebrate with our entire Allen Dale community. Hang in there, and as always, please reach out to us if you are in need of any support for your kiddos.


    Jake Musser

    Walking the Halls