Principal's Message


    Walking the Halls


    Dear Allen Dale Families,

    This is my 8th year as the principal at Allen Dale Elementary. Our theme this year at Allen Dale is "HeroesTeachingHeroes".  We believe that it is our job to be the heroes for the students that we teach, and instill the power and opportunities for students to develop into their own heroes.  This goes well beyond the classroom setting.  We now understand the importance of instilling both social and emotional skills beyond the classroom.  After all, these will be the individuals running our country one day.  

    Research has shown that a student needs to feel safe and secure in their environment before they can access learning.  We work at establishing this on day one.  Teachers particpate in classroom community meetings, developing social/emotional skills through a district adopted curriculum, adding responsibility to students beyond just getting their school work completed, and having them leaving for the school day feeling like they can make a difference in the world we live in. 

    Students will receive core instruction in all academic areas, but we also make sure students are receiving small group intervention support, especially in the primary grades.  Data drives academic instruction and rigor.  We monitor this data closely, and meet with grade level teams every six weeks to ensure that students are not slipping through the cracks.  We will also have implemented an anti-bullying program this year called "Second Steps".  All students in grades K-5 will participate in these lessons on a weekly basis.

    I have always believed in an open-door policy within my office.  I want to hear and address parent concerns, and deal with them accordingly.  Again, if you ever have any questions or concerns about your child's education please don't hesitate to contact the school.  We understand that we are only a piece of the puzzle that makes up your child's education.  As parents, you play a critical role in completing this puzzle.  We have to work together to provide the best educational opportunity possible for your child(ren).  

    I am anticipating another great school year, and look forward to watching all of our students grow academically, socially, and emotionally this school year.


    Jake Musser