Miss DeHarmony

    "The greatest need of the human heart is to be understood." ~Sean Covey

    My greatest priority in teaching is building relationships with the kids. Everyone wants to be respectd and valued for who they are. Brain research proves that people (kids and adults) learn more when they enjoys learning. (Duh!) And the number one indicator of what contributes to the enjoyment of learning: the relationhsip with the instructor. I love getting to know my students, and sharing my life experiences with them!

    As for teaching, I believe that it is an art and learning is a choice. Teaching is not the disbursing of information, it is the imparting of knowledge and practices pertaining to skills and strategies students can use to learn, retain and apply information to their lives, regardless of the content.

    I teach kids how to learn. I teach kids how to think at higher levels. I teach kids to understand themselves and how to apply what they know about themselves to become self-directed learners.

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