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Mr. Carnes

Welcome to Mr.Carnes Classroom


6th grade physical education.


"Don't measure yourself by what you have accomplished, but by what you should have accomplished with your ability."

John Wooden





Classroom Supplies:

South PE uniform

PE shoes for inside (Cleats for outside if you choose)

Class Rules & Consequences

1st non-dress Verbal Warning
2nd non-dress noted on role
3rd non-dress noted on role
4th non-dress noted on role
5th non-dress non-dress noted on role
6th non-dress and all others are noted on roll

Each student gets a fresh start every semester

Grading Policy
Course Standards: As required by law, students will be scored on their knowledge and skill on the standards expected for the course. Students will not only be given an overall grade for the course but will also be measured on specified standards aligned with course content. The standards will be measured using the following rubric scale.

Rubric Scale Descriptor
5 Mastery: Superior academic performance through evidence of in-depth understanding and demonstration of skill/standard.
4 Approaching Mastery: Consistently meets and sometimes exceeds the basic skill/standard and has a complete understanding, and can demonstrate the skill/standard.
3 Proficient: Meets the standard with basic knowledge and demonstration. Some errors may be present.
2 Working Toward Proficient: Not yet passing. Occasional demonstration of skill/standard.
1 Not Proficient/Insufficient Evidence: Limited achievement of the grade level standards/expectations. Proficiency cannot be determined due to missing assignments, and/or length of time in school.

Specific Course Standards:

Skills GPMSPE 1: Demonstrate knowledge of a variety of motor skills.

Application GPMSPE 2 : Understand and apply movement concepts

Knowledge GPMSPE 3: Understand rules and strategies for a variety of physical activities.
Be physically active GPMSPE 4: Identify and assess the health-related components of fitness.

Self Conduct GPMSPE 5: Explain and demonstrate safety, rules, procedures, and etiquette to be followed during participation in physical activities.

Learning Targets: Learning targets are assessed using the rubrics scale described above.

Skills Standard:
I can perform throwing skills consistently in life sports and activities.
I can perform catching skills consistently in life sports and activities.
I can perform kicking skills consistently in life sports and activities.
I can perform loco motor movements consistently.

Application Standard:
I can identify and apply the critical elements of throwing skills consistently.
I can identify and apply the critical elements of catching skills consistently.
I can identify and apply the critical elements of kicking skills consistently.

I can demonstrate rules and strategies in team, dual, individual and activities.

Be Physically Active:
I can consistently meet cardiovascular expectation during class.

Self Conduct:
I can apply rules, procedures and etiquette that are safe and effective for specific activities/situations.
I can identify the elements of socially acceptable conflict resolution and sportsmanship.

Grading Criteria:
Academic grades will reflect a student’s mastery of the subject’s knowledge and skills according to state standards. Extra credit will not be provided.

This course is a 100% proficiency graded course.
Students will be assessed in skill, knowledge, and application following the rubrics.

Skill: After instruction and practice, and during additional practice and game play, students will be assessed in the basic skills listed in the learning targets. Skills will be assessed continually. Students are expected to demonstrate their skills consistently. Students can continue to improve their skill assessment score throughout the unit.
Knowledge: After instruction and during the activity unit, students will be assessed in knowledge, usually through a written quiz.
Application: After instruction and practice, students will participate in game play, or follow workout plans. Students will be assessed in application during active participation in the activity during class. The assessment score reflects how well the student uses their skills and knowledge during game play and how well they contribute overall to game play.

District Grading Scale:
A Mastery
B Approaching Mastery
C Proficient 
F Not proficient