• Let's put on our thinking caps...or mouse ears!

    Welcome to 6th grade Language Arts and Communication Academy!

    Room: 5  

    Teacher:  Mrs. Russell  hrussell@grantspass.k12.or.us


    Classroom Expectations:

    Listen to instruction

    Enter and exit prepared

    Always do your best

    Respect yourself and others

    No excuses!



    6th Grade Language Arts Information:

    In this course, students will be becoming proficient in reading, writing, language mechanics, reading, and listening. They will be given both formative and summative assessments, and will be scored on knowledge and skills using a rubric scale of 2.75-5, as required by law.  In some cases, a simple point-based grade may be given for some assignments. Grades will be weighted in which 70% of a student's grade is based on summative assessments, and 30% is based on participation, practice, and overall responsibility.           


    Information about course material, new grading policies, and academic expectations is included in the syllabus that students and parents will receive during the first days of school.  This is for reference only.    Language Arts Syllabus

    Additionally, students will be sent home with an FAQ sheet containing esential info about the course.  This is intended for quicker review of the essentials.  Classroom FAQs

    Lastly, students will come home with "Important Expectations" sheet.  This one will need to be signed by the parent and returned to the teacher within the first week of school.    PARENT SIGNATURE SHEET


    6th Grade Communication Academy Information:

    Students will engage in various reading, writing, and verbal activities designed to strengthen their communication skills.  Emphasis will also be placed on helping students develop tools for being successful in secondary school (organization, finding and understanding information,public speaking, and active learning and listening). 


    Please regard the following references for Communication Academy class.  *NOTE: Only a section of the syllabus will need to be signed and returned before the end of the first week.   Communication Academy Syllabus