• Opening the doors to a New Beginning

    Since 2000, Gladiola Campus has been the site for Grants Pass High School’s Alternative Education Program. Gladiola serves 100 students who choose to attend for a variety of reasons, with the most common being that they value their education but prefer a smaller learning community.

    Gladiola’s personalized environment encourages all students to reach their potential and become responsible, productive citizens. This small but innovative campus offers students the following opportunities:

    ·   Standards-based curriculum

    ·   Small class size

    ·   Differentiated instruction

    ·   Individual graduation plans

    ·   Credit retrieval or credit acceleration

    ·   Project-based learning

    ·   Ed. Options (computer-based instruction)

    ·   Business Internships

    ·   Access to Grants Pass HS electives

    ·   Positive Behavior Support (PBS)

    ·   Interpersonal relationship building

    ·   Leadership skill development

    ·   Service Learning projects

    ·   Fulltime counseling services