Principals Message

  • It is an exciting time to be the Administrator of the Gladiola Campus and our Alternative Education Programs.  I take great pride in being able to team up with students, parents, and our entire staff to offer the very best educational experience for our students.  One of my main goals in our Alternative Education Programs is to work at building the strongest relationship possible with each and every student.  The Gladiola Campus works to offer a safe and nurturing environment so that all students can have the opportunity to excel in their educational endeavors.

    Alternative Educational Programs in School District #7, such as Gladiola, do not equate to being “easier” with less rigor and low expectations.  All of our students that graduate will have the district and state requirements of at least 24 credits and have passed their Essential Skills via state testing and/or by producing passing work samples in Reading, Writing, and Math.  Credits that students earn may come in a variety of ways such as direct instruction courses, online options, and blended learning that may include taking courses on the main campus.  We strive to work with all of our students to provide the educational “package” that best meets their needs.  Tapping into the strengths of our students helps them to further develop their self-esteem and tap into their unlimited potential.

    We are also of the mindset that attending high school and meeting all the graduation requirements is only a small part of what life has to offer.  Discussions and plans of action around “post-secondary” education, trade schools, and gainful employment is another aspect to the all-inclusive education students receive at Gladiola.  We emphasize to our students that what they do now with their education can and will have a profound effect on the pathway they build for the future.

    The last concept that needs to be addressed is how Alternative Education is viewed.  Many times students, parents, teachers, and/or administrators try to combine their efforts to find a “program” in Alternative Education for a student.  The mind shift we are trying to develop by moving away from the word “program” is to the word “pathway.”  As mentioned earlier, our students need to concentrate on meeting graduation and Essential Skill requirements to earn their diploma, but what is the “path” a student wants to pursue when their high school years have successfully been completed?  What is their passion?  Our hope is that in working together and listening to our students that we can help in guiding them to see the array of opportunities that exist after they have “crossed the finish line” and have graduated.

    “Thank you” in advance for the support you provide for our students and staff.  It is an honor to serve the students of Grants Pass School District #7.  We all know that it “takes a village” to raise our youth, and by working together with open and honest communication, we can all help our students enjoy a positive high school experience!