• Gladiola Mission and Beliefs


    We are a community of educators and mentors who guide and encourage students needing personalized instruction to help them achieve individual and academic success. 


    We believe...

    • Students respond well when given choices within consistent routines.

    • Excellent teaching includes modeling, listening, and learning.

    • Students do well when they feel adults care about their achievement.

    • An environment that challenges each student to rise to clear expectations fosters success.

    • Students learn best when they can make a personal connection with the instruction.

    • Engaging parents/guardians enhances education.

    • Each student is a valuable individual who deserves respect and acknowledgement.




    Q. Is Gladiola a discipline placement school?

    A. No. Students choose to attend for a variety of reasons but they are never placed at Gladiola for discipline purposes.


    Q. Is Gladiola a separate high school?

    A.  No. Gladiola is a program within Grants Pass High School. Gladiola is located at a different location for the purpose of providing a smaller learning environment.


    Q.  Can a Gladiola student earn a regular diploma?

    A.  Yes. All Gladiola graduates will earn a Grants Pass High School diploma.


    Q.  Can a Gladiola student participate in the graduation ceremony at GPHS?

    A.  Yes. Gladiola students can walk at GPHS. Gladiola also provides an intimate graduation ceremony for its seniors. Students may attend one or both ceremonies.


    Q.  Can a Gladiola student take classes at GPHS?

    A.  Yes. Students are encouraged to take electives at GPHS. In fact, transportation to the high school is provided each afternoon for those students taking classes at the high school.


    Q.  Can Gladiola students participate in dances and other activities at GPHS?

    A.  Yes. Gladiola students have the same access rights as the high school students and can participate in dances, athletics, etc.