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  • Career and Technical Education (What is CTE video)

    For students with specific career interests, Grants Pass High School offers seven different Career and Technical Education programs of study that lead to a multitude of career options.

     GPHS CTE Informational Brochure (click here)

    Basic Early Childhood Education (ECE) Pathway

    • Children and Families
    • Child Psychology
    • Best Practices in ECE
    • Applied ECE
    • Observation in ECE
    • Practicum in ECE
    • Early Childhood Assistant

    Computer Science Pathway

    • Intro to Game Programming (Computer Programming I)
    • Intermediate Game Programming (Computer Programming II)
    • Mobile App Development (Computer Programming III)
    • Independent Projects - Computer Science
    • AP Computer Science Principles
    • AP Computer Science A

    Culinary Arts Pathway

    • Intro to Culinary
    • Culinary Nutrition
    • Culinary Arts I, II

    Health Science Pathway

    • Emergency Care and Prevention
    • Body Works
    • Basic Medical Skills
    • Advanced Medical Skills
    • Advanced Wilderness First Aid
    • Advanced Search and Rescue
    • Advanced CERT-Disaster Response Training

    Information Communication Technology Pathway

    • Intro to Digital Media
    • Video Productions I, II, III
    • Beginning Digital Photography
    • Advanced Digital Photography
    • Advanced Publication (TOKA - Yearbook)
    • Independent Projects in Video Productions & Digital Photography

    Manufacturing/Engineering Technology Pathway

    • Engineering & Architecture
      • Intro to Engineering & Architecture 
      • Intermediate Engineering & Architecture
      • Robotic Engineering I, II
      • Independent Projects in Engineering & Architecture & Robotics
    • Woods Manufacturing
      • Manufacturing I, II, III
      • Manufacturing Technology
      • Guitar Fabrication
      • Independent Projects
    • Metal Fabrication
      • Metal Fabrication I, II, III
      • Independent Projects

    Marketing and Business Education Pathway

    • Marketing I
    • Intro to Web Design
    • Marketing II: Digital Marketing
    • Sport & Event Marketing (coming soon)
    • Fashion Design & Marketing (coming soon)
    • Entrepreneurship & Management (coming soon)
    • Business & Personal Law (coming soon)
    • Adv. Computer Applications (coming soon)