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  • Career and Technical Education (GPHS CTE video)

    For students with specific career interests, Grants Pass High School offers seven different Career and Technical Education programs of study that lead to a multitude of career options.

     GPHS CTE Informational Brochure (click here)

    Basic Early Childhood Education (ECE) Pathway

    • Children and Families
    • Child Psychology
    • Best Practices in ECE
    • Applied ECE
    • Observation in ECE
    • Practicum in ECE
    • Early Childhood Assistant

    Computer Science Pathway

    • Intro to Game Programming (Computer Programming I)
    • Intermediate Game Programming (Computer Programming II)
    • Mobile App Development (Computer Programming III)
    • Independent Projects - Computer Science
    • AP Computer Science Principles
    • AP Computer Science A

    Culinary Arts Pathway

    • Intro to Culinary
    • Culinary Nutrition
    • Culinary Arts I, II

    Health Science Pathway

    • Emergency Care and Prevention
    • Body Works
    • Basic Medical Skills
    • Advanced Medical Skills
    • Advanced Wilderness First Aid
    • Advanced Search and Rescue
    • Advanced CERT-Disaster Response Training

    Information Communication Technology Pathway

    • Intro to Digital Media
    • Video Productions I, II, III
    • Beginning Digital Photography
    • Advanced Digital Photography
    • Advanced Publication (TOKA - Yearbook)
    • Independent Projects in Video Productions & Digital Photography

    Manufacturing/Engineering Technology Pathway

    • Engineering & Architecture
      • Intro to Engineering & Architecture 
      • Intermediate Engineering & Architecture
      • Robotic Engineering I, II
      • Independent Projects in Engineering & Architecture & Robotics
    • Woods Manufacturing
      • Manufacturing I, II, III
      • Manufacturing Technology
      • Guitar Fabrication
      • Independent Projects
    • Metal Fabrication
      • Metal Fabrication I, II, III
      • Independent Projects

    Marketing and Business Education Pathway

    • Marketing I
    • Intro to Web Design
    • Marketing II: Digital Marketing
    • Sport & Event Marketing (coming soon)
    • Fashion Design & Marketing (coming soon)
    • Entrepreneurship & Management (coming soon)
    • Business & Personal Law (coming soon)
    • Adv. Computer Applications (coming soon)