• Click here for the South Choir Syllabus.


    Click here for a choir shirt order form

    GP MS Choir South Choir Upcoming Dates

    Signed syllabus and field trip permission slips

    Due: Friday, September 27


    Choir T-Shirt and Sweatshirt Orders/Money

    Due: Friday, September 27


    OMEA All-State Auditions (8th grade only)

    September 3 - 27 --> Click Here for more info

    Students must record their audition with Mrs. Sutton before school


    Fall Concert at South Middle School Small Gym

    Date: Thursday, October 24 at 9:30 AM

    Casual Concert Dress: Choir shirt and jeans


    South Winter Concert at GPHS PAC

    Monday, December 9th (Call Time: 5:30 PM and Performance Begins at 6:00 PM)

    Concert Dress: Choir shirts and all black


    South Spring Concert at GPHS PAC

    Tuesday, April 14th (Call Time: 6:00 PM and Performance Begins: 6:30 PM)

    Concert Dress (Black with choir shirts)


    Honor Choir

    Date: TBA

    8th Grade only

    Wear choir shirt and black


    Trojan Follies Variety Show

    Date: TBA

    7th & 8th Grade only

    Wear choir shirt and jeans


    Trojan Follies Assembly

    Date: TBA

    Wear choir shirt and jeans


    8th Grade High School Choir Auditions --> May


    Cascade: Spring Meadow Assisted Living Field Trip

    Date TBA

    6th Grade only


    Elementary Tour Field Trip (to Riverside, Redwood, and Allen Dale Elementaries)

    Date: TBA (During school hours -- Lunch at South)

    7th & 8th Grade Only


    Important things to know about choir:

    • Attendance at concerts is required and is a large part of your students' grade

    • A binder with paper and a pencil pouch is absolutely necessary for daily classwork completion

    • No phone policy: If it's seen, it goes in the teacher's basket and taken to the office to be picked up by the student at the end of the day



    Here are the FOUR ways to Ensure You Get an “A” Every Day in Chorus

    1. Have your pencil daily and your binder (with paper) daily. Place the date & name on each bell ringer page.  Keep your binder in order by DATE.  Random binder checks occur each week, and binders are collected for grading at the end of each six weeks.  (20 points daily).
    2. Begin your Bell Ringer quietly and immediately (30 points daily).
    3. Participate to the best of your ability and listen ACTIVELY. (30 points daily).
    4. Give your best effort with group rhythm exercises and sight singing (20 points daily.)


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    Guidelines for Success 

    •Enter the classroom quietly
    •Immediately sit down and start bell ringer questions
    •Facing forward in your seat
    •Raise your hand to speak
    •Stay in your seat
    •Use the restroom before class
    •Bring a water bottle