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District Grant Funding

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A portion of the Grants Pass School District's funding comes from grant dollars. The Integrated Grant Application includes six grants: High School Success, Student Investment Account,  Continuous Improvement Planning, Career and Technical Education (CTE),  Every Day Matters, and Early Indicator and Intervention Systems.  These are both state and federal grants and the Oregon Department of Education has combined the application and reporting process for these grants.  The application and budget is for the 2023-2024 and 2024-2025 school years.   

Summary of the Grant Programs & their Purpose

  1. High School Success (HSS) - Systems to improve graduation rates and college/career readiness.
  2. Student Investment Account (SIA) - To meet students’ mental health, behavioral needs and increase academic achievement/reduce disparities for student focal groups.
  3. Continuous Improvement Planning (CIP) - A process involving educator collaboration, data analysis, professional learning and reflection - toward improved outcomes for students and especially students experiencing disparity.
  4. Career and Technical Education - Perkins V (CTE) - Improving access and participation in education and training programs that prepare learners for high-wage, high-skill, in-demand careers.
  5. Early Indicator and Intervention System (EIIS) - The development of a data collection and analysis system, in which educators collaborate, to identify supports for students.
  6. Every Day Matters - (EDM) - Embedded across the five other programs, focusing attention on student engagement, school culture, climate/safety & culturally sustaining pedagogy.

The following application and supporting documents are the results of student, staff, family and community input.

New Bridge Integrated Grant Application Items

Application (2021-23)

Budget (2023-25)

Grant Agreement (2023-25)

2022-23 Annual Report

Annual Report Questions