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Grants Pass High School celebrates highest graduation rate on record

Grants Pass High School celebrates highest graduation rate on record
Grants Pass High School celebrates highest graduation rate on record

Grants Pass High School is excited to announce its highest graduation rate on record for the graduating class of 2023. With a graduation rate of 88.3%, Grants Pass High School surpassed the Oregon state average by an impressive 7 percentage points.

“This is an exciting milestone for Grants Pass High School,” Principal Michele Napier says. “We are incredibly proud of our students' hard work and the incredible dedication of our school staff and supportive Grants Pass community.”

“Our commitment to AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) schoolwide strategies has equipped our students with the skills to increase their agency and success in the classroom,” Napier adds. “Additionally, programs such as 9th Grade on Track have ensured that our freshmen start high school strong and finish their first year on track to graduate. We offer a variety of clubs and activities to keep our students engaged and connected to school, and our College and Career Center empowers them to envision a future of success. Our belief is that ALL students will leave Grants Pass High School college and career ready, equipped to achieve whatever goals and dreams they have.”

English Learners and Students with Disabilities at Grants Pass High School graduated at even higher rates of 93.1% and 90.9%, respectively.

Meanwhile, Grants Pass Flexible Learning EXperience (GPFLEX), achieved a graduation rate of 90.3%, its second-highest on record. The flexible learning school continues to grow, prompting the construction of a new campus that is opening on NE Dean Drive this month.

Gladiola High School, the district’s alternative education campus, celebrated its largest-ever graduating class in 2023, with a graduation rate of 47.5% and a 65.6% completer rate.

Overall, Grants Pass School District 7’s 4-year graduation rate for 2022-23 was 76.9%, a dip from the previous year. However, the district saw significant improvements in 4-year graduation rates for homeless students (↑ 10+ percentage points), with increased graduation rates for English Learners and Students with Disabilities as well.

“Data tells us a part of the story,” Trisha Evens, Director of Secondary Education, says. “It helps us refine our strategies to support all students in being successful.”

“We are proud of the progress made by our graduating seniors,” Superintendent Tim Sweeney says. “We know we still have work to do, and until we can get every student across the finish line we will not be satisfied.”

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