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New GPFLEX Campus Opening Fall 2023

New GPFLEX Campus Opening Fall 2023
New GPFLEX Campus Opening Fall 2023
A site plan for a new school campus for GPFLEX. Image includes dimensions for 5 buildings.

On Wednesday, February 15, the Grants Pass School Board unanimously approved plans for a new home for GPFLEX, the Grants Pass School District's online, flexible learning school. 

The new campus will provide additional space for daily, 1:1 support opportunities and more on-site opportunities for students to collaborate and connect with their peers. Located on Dean Drive near Grants Pass High School, the new location will increase access to on-site classes for 9-12 grade students on a hybrid learning path. 

The new campus will have modular buildings similar to the ones added at South Middle School and Gladiola High School in recent years. Modular classrooms are a practical solution that can provide the necessary space quickly and cost-effectively. The district will be utilizing Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief or ESSER funds to pay for the project. ESSER funds can only be used for specific purposes related to COVID-19 response, such as supporting remote learning.

The District hopes to have the campus operational during the 2023-24 school year. 

To learn more about Grants Pass Flexible Learning EXperience, visit the GPFLEX website